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3D printer ST-LINK V2 STM8/STM32 compiler for mainboard stlink downloader debugger

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Functions and Features:

1. Support the debugging of a full range of STM32 SWD interfaces, the 4-wire interface is simple (including power supply), fast, and stable; the interface definition is directly marked on the shell! No need to flip through the manual!

2. Support full series of STM8 SWIM download and debugging (commonly used development environments such as IAR, STVD, etc. are supported); the supported software versions are as follows:

① XTW LINK ST Utility 2.0 and above ② STVD 4.2.1 and above

③ STVP 3.2.3 and above ④ IAR EWARM V6.20 and above

⑤ IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 and above ⑥ KEIL RVMDK V4.21 and above

3. Support automatic firmware upgrade, the firmware has been upgraded to the latest V2.J17.S4 when leaving the factory;

4. Increase the 5V power output, and the output I/O ports are protected, so you are not afraid of damage to the LINK ST V2 caused by misoperation!

5. The interface uses pure copper gold-plated 2.54 pitch simple horn seat, equipped with 20CM DuPont line, which can cope with different target board line sequences and flexible wiring;

6. Use the U disk aluminum alloy shell to protect the main board, easy to carry, not afraid of static electricity, not afraid of falling and touching